Sash Windows West Bromwich Offer Double Glazed Windows

At Sash Windows West Bromwich We will forever endeavor to preserve the authentic charm of timber windows whilst raising their level of energy efficiency. Double glazing your windows with Sash Windows West Bromwich can help in tremendously enhancing your home's security.


Whether you live in a traditional listed building or a new, modern city pad, Sash Windows West Bromwich have bespoke double glazed sash windows that will connect with your style. Sash Windows West Bromwich fantastic double glazed windows will significantly reduce drought and sound concerns, provide easier cleaning and maintenance and offer effective heat retention. At Sash Windows West Bromwich we understand that current building regulations convey that it will be hardly possible for new properties to contain single glazed windows.

Double Glazed Sash Windows in West Bromwich, West Midlands


You can be sure that your home will retain its original charm and character, regardless of your preferences- either to keep your original windows or choose complete replacements from Sash Windows West Bromwich. Sash Windows West Bromwich understand that traditional models of sash window have the glass fitted on the outside and rebated within, so it is really hard adapt them to double glazed units. Sash Windows West Bromwich pride ourselves on offering double glazed sash windows That are so true in variety they are often mistake for the original window model.

At Sash Windows West Bromwich we produce and install made-to-order slim, double-glazed sashes that comply with part L of the building regulations. By simply replacing your original, single glazed sash with a bespoke, double model, Sash Windows West Bromwich can reduce the overall dirtiness resulted from the performed work greatly. Sash Windows West Bromwich understanding of current building regulations means that all our double glazed windows are sure For the sake of us gratifying their standard.

By inserting the new, slim, double glazed sashes into the existing frame, Sash Windows West Bromwich reduce the disruption as well as necessity in redecoration and thus the overall cost of the project. Reduced energy bills, increased efficiency and easy long-term maintenance, are some of the important bonuses that changing your windows with Sash Windows West Bromwich will bring.

Upgrading and double glazing your windows with Sash Windows West Bromwich is a poven path to better your energy costs. Enjoy the benefits of Sash Windows West Bromwich double glazing in your home the whole year through, with warmer winters and cooler summers, our windows are created to fulfil different operations.